Are you the Executor for someone who passed away in New York City? Feeling overwhelmed with the thought of deciding what to do with the apartment contents while honoring their wishes?


We’ll help you sort the apartment contents and decide what will be kept, donated, shredded, or discarded. We’ll move heirlooms to beneficiaries anywhere in the world and make donations to the kinds of charities that the descendent would have supported.

Working with an attorney? We’ve worked with Trust & Estate attorneys for years and we know what kind of documentation and background work they need to make the estate settlement process as smooth as possible.


If the estate includes things with re-sale value (e.g. art, silver, jewelry, modern furniture), we will sell it for you. We work with dealers and auction houses to sell anything with re-sale value.


For things without re-sale value, we will make donations on behalf of the estate, providing receipts for tax purposes. Things without re-sale value and not donate-able will be discarded. The apartment will be left empty.



We will help you have the house painted or upgraded to make it more marketable. We have terrific cleaning services that will make the place shine, and we're happy to recommend great brokers.

Empty house for sale.jpg

A client's apartment: empty, painted, and ready to be sold!

Thank you, again, for all of your great, hard work. You made a difficult situation much easier to handle. I am very grateful.
— Jonathan B.