Some clients call us because they plan to stay at home and need to re-think their home so it will work for them as they age.


Whether your are just planning ahead or find yourself in a situation where you need to make changes, quickly, we can help you make your home work for you by removing anything that doesn’t work for you anymore.

Furniture Replacement

We’ll take you shopping (in person, or virtually) to replace big clunky furniture with pieces that you can lean on for support as you cross the room, and that won’t impinge on your needs. A common problem is rugs: we’ll help you replace worn rugs or secure the ones you have so they aren’t tripping hazards.

Home Modifications

Sometimes amending your home is as simple as installing helpful grab-bars in showers or purchasing safe shower chairs. We work with terrific contractors who know how to make a home safe without sacrificing style.

Home Organizing & Decluttering

We are firm believers that the key to organizing is downsizing. You could have the most thoughtful filing system on the planet, but if you have too many files (most of which you most likely don’t need), your files will never feel organized.

Blessed are they who can help others remain somewhat sane.
— Julia H.